You Should Sell Sterling Silver Rings in Your Store!

Posted: Oct 25 2016

(but there are some things to consider BEFORE you take the plunge!) 

Unless you just want a couple of options to display in a vignette, carrying an assortment of rings does require an investment.

Unlike pendants and earrings, one size does not fit all – and NOBODY wears an exact size! Decide in advance how much you can invest.Figure on a minimum of two or three rings per style to start with (7’s & 8’s are the most common sizes.) In the more popular models, we recommend carrying a total of 7 rings per model - one size 6, two in sizes 7 and 8, one size 9 and, if you live in the MidWest you should pick up a size 10. It’s not a bad idea to stock a couple of size 5’s, too. (There are women who still wear size 5, and they will THANK You!)

Is your sales venue conducive to selling rings?
Women’s fingers swell in the summer, at the end of the day, and while we are on vacation.
It’s a lot easier to sell rings in a venue with a controlled temperature than in an outdoor event or vacation setting. If temperature fluctuation is a concern, or if there is a lot of salt, sugar, and alcohol offered at the event, you may have a challenge. The big, wide rings are gorgeous and very fashion forward, but rings with thinner, tapered shanks are a lot more forgiving. And by the way, always keep a small spritzer of windex or cuticle oil on hand because lots of rings get stuck!

Here are a few more things we have figured out along the way:

...Our clients don’t normally buy a ring to complete an ensemble.They look for rings that      mix well with the ones they are currently wearing. 
...Women often buy a ring because they favor a friend’s new ring. 
...Women are insecure about short or stubby fingers and worry most about the scale of      
the ring on their finger.

And most importantly: Display your rings in an area away from traffic areas –it can take a woman a long time to pick a ring!  

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