Color Tones 2017

Posted: Oct 31 2016

Those who follow color trends are suggesting several palettes of blue will dominate 2017—From Icy Blues to the Deep Confident Tones of Lapis.  Here are some of the new pieces we picked up last month in Taxco!

When you find the perfect Larimar stone, you have to set it in an equally perfect Sterling Silver Mounting!




























Show off a beautiful Cushion Cut Blue Topaz in a simple, elegant ring.





This workshop blends two colors of synthetic turquoise between alternating textures in this beautiful, affordable necklace




This stunning bench made necklace features the icy tones of Peruvian Opal and Sterling Silver.





We don’t think of blue as a dominant color in the Mexican  Culture, but they are surrounded by water and their textiles and ceramics have always repeated and the enhanced those tones.



Another turquoise stone set in a beautiful & unique sterling silver ring.





We hope to be seeing more of the vibrant Blues - the cloudy tones in Sodalite, (aka Denim Lapis), and the rich gold undertones of Lapis.  


We also picked up some spectacular slices of blue quartz!  



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