Hector Aguilar, Taxco Mexico Jewelry Designer & Smart Business Man, 1905-1986

Posted: Feb 19 2016

February 2016, Bristol Indiana -  Hector Aguilar was born in 1905 and, at the age of 30 started as jewelry apprentice for William Spratling at Las Delicias. Aguilar was known as a very smart businessman and creative designer, silversmith and opened his own shop three years later with the financial backing of a number of investors in 1939. Amongst the investors was Valentin Viduarreta, a talented artist and designer who was responsible for many of Aguilar’s early designs.

Aguilar’s jewelry was inspired by Aztec art and architecture and his work became quickly highly collectible. In 1943, due to wartime metal shortages in the US, Aguilar secured a lucrative contract to produce silver jewelry for the large American costume jewelry firm, Coro. The Aguilar workshop manufactured handmade pieces for them until 1950.

His success is due in large to the superior merchandise combined with business acumen, enabled Aguilar in 1948 to open Taller Borda which quickly became one of the premier retail silver outlets in Taxco and prospered for many years. Aguilar enjoyed a long retirement until his passing in 1986.

By Kathy Geiger, Owner of Sterling Silver from Taxco. Since 2005, Sterling Silver from Taxco has been selling Unique, Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry to both men and women thru international wholesale and retail channels. For more information please visit, www.sterlingsilverfromtaxco.com.

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