Why Displaying Jewelry by Groups and Styles Works!

Posted: Dec 01 2015

Jessica has recently led us through the process of organizing and displaying our inventory in family groups. It was quite a task, but it brought cohesiveness to our displays at each show.  We started by defining categories for dominant shapes (Circles, Beads, teardrops), and textures (Hammered, Scoured, Oxidized), then added categories for Braided, Wrapped, and Curb Chains finishes, too.  Once we got 5 to 10 pieces in a category, it was easy to see where subsequent pieces fit.  The fun began when we started finding pieces that could transition from one collection to the next. The beauty of having each category was identifying the continuum in each group - and seeing how the simplest earrings work with the most extravagant necklaces. For our customers, that means showing them several price points for each element they are considering for the ensemble they are putting together. It was a job, to be sure, but we think you would benefit from the same exercise at your own stores.  Our next job is tagging all the family groups on the website so that you will be able to shop by collection, too.

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