Taxco Vintage Sterling Silver Jewelry – An Era to Keep Alive!

Posted: Nov 03 2015

Taxco's silver mines were discovered when Hernan Cortez followed a trail of tin coins to a small village in the mountains of southern Mexico. Taxco's silver industry began when William Spratling recognized the inherent creativity of the Mexican people and taught them how to design and create beautiful artwork using the natural resources that ran right under their feet.  

It is the ultimate story of Inspiration.  Spratling was a teacher who came to Taxco looking for a quiet place to write a book.  He built a national economy instead establishing a silver workshop, hiring a large group of men and teaching them all elements of business, including design and production as well as sales and accounting.  In the ultimate gift, he encouraged them to seek their inspiration from their pre-Colombian ancestors

His company grew rapidly and his earliest designers, the Castillo brothers, the Ledesmas, and Antonio Pineda, soon broke away to create their own legendary designs. There were women among these artists - Margot de Taxco pioneered the art of enamel over silver and Matilde Poulat brought her own unique sense of style and excellence to the jewelry. 

This exuberant creativity established Taxco as a revolutionary town, which soon attracted a long line of visitors. Renowned writers and artists, movie stars, politicians and business moguls as well as thousands of common tourists loved Taxco for its nearly perfect climate, the breathtaking views, jewelry, and some much needed privacy.  Marilyn Monroe, John Wayne, Lana Turner, and Jack Palance, were just a few of the frequent visitors

This was the spirit that produced the Vintage Sterling Silver Jewelry we are offering today. Each piece represents the magic of the era. You can feel the difference. It’s an era to keep alive! 

Photos: Spratling with Hector Aguilar, Antonio Pineda and Spratling's Hummingbird Necklace, circa 1950s, 48 grams, .925 Sterlling Silver & Amethyst

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