Sterling Silver For Your Skin Tone

Posted: Oct 21 2015

No single piece of jewelry looks the same on any two people and all tho there are several reasons why, the biggest factor is the person’s skin tone. Certain metals, finishes, and gems simply look better against different undertones.
How do you help a customer pick the best look for them? It’s simple to figure out.Take a look at the veins on their wrist. If their tone is cool, (Pink or red undertones) their veins will look blue. If their tone is warm (Yellow or gold undertones), their veins will look green.Using this assessment, here are some suggestions that should help you pick out the best
​pieces of jewelry for them.
Cool Tone:  Direct them to the brighter colors such as pink, red, blue, purple and green.  These are the tones that bring life and vivacity to cool skin.Show them brightly finished silver. The scoured finishes look especially nice on blondes.
Warm Tone:  Suggest Earth tones such as oranges, browns, greens and turquoise – they are the ideal complement to the earthy tones.Show them pieces with an oxidized finish and hammered finishes. By the way, if you have any .950 silver, show them that as well. 
​(There is a very subtle tonal difference between .925 sterling and .950 silver) 
In the end, it’s all about personal preference! After all fashion is what you buy,
style is what you do with it!

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