Layers, Layers, Layers!

Posted: Jun 17 2015

At our most recent show, Shelly and I asked our customers to create layers by picking out one or two of their favorite pieces and then using anything from our stock to finish the look.  We all had a great time, and I learned a lot from each one!  We saw a lot of silver, textured, and stone bangles mixed together, and women put the smaller hinged bracelets together with cuffs.  We saw women put favorite pendants on the very popular elephant hair bracelets and then pulled them together with a semana (seven strand) bangle. Another favorite was seeing 3 complimentary crosses layered on short, medium, and long diamond cut chains!

One element that proved indispensable was our collection of adjustable chains!  We have a large variety to choose from, and our customers used them all!  Women chose the shortest adjustable chain (18”) to create a choker length for the first pendant, a standard 18” or 20” chain for the center pendant, and then finished the layers by using the longest and heaviest chains, depending on their height and the visual weight of the lowest pendant!   

I have been wearing our new little 16” mini-teardrop necklace with an 18” 4mm beaded necklace for everyday and adding a more interesting beaded necklace for evening.   Shelly has been doubling up some beautiful pendants on a 24” chain, while still wearing her favorite cross on an 18” chain.

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