Sterling Silver from Taxco Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary!

Posted: May 21 2015

Interview with Kathy Geiger, Owner of Sterling Silver from Taxco . . .
What was the pivoting point for you to start a jewelry business?   
 I started my jewelry business by following a line of interesting challenges.  An artist told me about the beautiful jewelry being made in Taxco and, knowing that I was looking for a new challenge, had a box sent to me to look at and I loved it!  Another friend introduced me to the work of the old silver maestros, William Spratling, Hector Aguilar and Sigi Pineda.  Their pieces genuinely piqued my artistic interest and motivated me to make a trip to Taxco. 

Why Taxco---as the main and only source of your line?

I fell in love with the city on my first morning of my first trip 10 years ago this month!  The sunrise in Taxco is stunning, and I took early morning walks around the Zocalo each day.  I was so impressed by the shop owners mopping their floors, and the street vendors bringing in baskets of warm bread and cases of jello molds for their day’s trade.  I loved the sounds of the birds chattering overhead and the church bells ringing all around the city. 

What impressed you the most in dealing with the designers/craftsman in Taxco. 

I may have fallen in love with the city first, but I fell in love with the people second!  I love working with the women who run these little shops, and feel camaraderie with them that I’ve never experienced before.  I have met many of their workers and have stood by their wooden benches watching them make the jewelry you see in my displays and on my website.  Americans live in a society that values machinery and production schedules, so seeing artists use these handsaws and torches to create these handmade beauties is truly refreshing.  

What inspired you? 

These people are humble and genuine, and creative!   They invite me into their homes for simple, yet spectacular dinners and their kids greet me on the street with a wave and a kiss!!  They work hard to make a living in a country that has no regard for the needs of the middle class businessman.  And I am keenly aware that my business is a major source of their livelihood. 

What has been the success?  Here in the U.S., 90% of my business is on the road – I travel to shows all across the US.  My success comes each day when a customer comes back a year later to tell me how much they love the pieces they bought, or the first timers who come back to the booth at the end of the day to tell me that I had the most beautiful jewelry at the show. This year we launched our new e-commerce website, which I hope will become a larger revenue stream allow me to stay closer to home throughout the year.

What do you enjoy the most in your business?  I enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to do things better.  I love the people I work with, the unique and detailed products they produce.  I love my job!               

After 10 years where do you see the business going from here?  First, I have to recognize it’s been a great 10 Years and we need to Celebrate all our hard work!! I might allow myself 5 minutes to enjoy and reflect, and take in the Moment!! But if I’m going to achieve my long term goals (travel less) I have to develop the internet and digital side of the business.  I have a great staff who share these goals and we all recognize that it may require changing the way we think, but it also gives us some new arenas to grow into personally, as well as professionally.  You’ve got to love a challenge to live in my world!!

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