Eating Well in Taxco

Posted: Aug 11 2014

One maybe my third or fourth visit to Taxco I found myself in a small tienda with another shopper from the States.  I naturally struck up a conversation.  It was close to lunch time and I asked if he would like to get something to eat.  He made a face and said that he didn’t like the food around here – he would just get a rotisserie chicken from a street vendor and go back and eat it in his room.  

Are you kidding me?!  There are some great places to eat in Taxco!!!!  

Again, I haven’t hit all the restaurants – that would be impossible.  But here is a list of our favorites

Breakfast at the Hotel Agua Escondida.   Our hotel has a couple of eating options – the dining room serves a very nice breakfast, or you can make your way up to La Terrazza and have lunch, dinner, or a well-deserved afternoon drink while overlooking the Zocalo.  Lots of the locals eat ay Agua Escondida.  For 85 pesos (roughly $6.60) you can get a good start on your day – beginning with fresh fruit or juice, Avena with bananas, eggs with bacon and toast, or hotcakes with their amazing syrup.  If you like Mexican food, they also have a full menu of traditional breakfasts – and I love their chilaquiles (green or red) 

If you’re hungry for Pizza, go to Pizza Pazza on the Zocalo.  Climb the stairs all the way to the rooftop for a close up view of Santa Prisca and enjoy the evening watching people roam in and out of the town center.   When you get tired of the view, watch the gal in the rooftop kitchen snip the herbs and cut the pineapple for your pizza.  

By the way, treat yourself to a bottled soda called Yoli somewhere .  It’s a grapefruit flavored soda that is bottled and sold in Taxco by Coca Cola.  You won’t find it anywhere else.  

There are amazing little lunch counters tucked below the stairs of several of the larger buildings that offer an assortment of toasted or grilled sandwiches and cooked meals from a space that’s about 4’ by 6’, boasting dorm sized refrigerator, a microwave and a hot plate behind a counter that seats 5 or 6!  Our favorite, Norma, is located in the Centro Building A/G.  She has a gorgeous copper Espresso Coffee maker and always has a nice selection of sandwiches, hot foods and cookies. 

Another great cup of Coffee (and the Best Apple Pie in Mexico) is served at Café la Te, a charming, tiny, and very  efficient little coffee shop.   They will make you waffles and crepes, too!


We love the dinners served at the Angel Inn – (their doorway faces the side of Santa Prisca, behind the Pineda shop).  We have had great food, and they serve it brilliantly. The the biggest surprise so far was finding red wine ice cream for dessert!

Sotaventos is the restaurant where all the shoppers go.  Talk about networking heaven!  We have met people from all over the world there, and all shoppers and expats are welcome to pull up a chair.  (It’s helpful to speak English)   I’ll write more about Sotaventos in a later newsletter, because I want to tell the story of the gal who owns it, but for now let me tell you that their food is wonderful and the setting, in the charming Hotel Los Arcos, is absolutely gorgeous!

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