Shopping for Silver in Taxco

Posted: Aug 11 2014

There is an exhibition going on in town that has been organized by the Department of Commerce, and called ProMexico.  The Committee was given a sizeable grant, and the requirement that they invite wholesale buyers from around the world haven’t been there for 5 years, contacted them and offered to pay their airfare and hotel accommodations in exchange for two days of scheduled interviews with participating silver shops, followed by a big fashion show and cocktail party at a new hotel that they say is absolutely gorgeous.  

Shelly and I weren’t invited, nor were the other handful of shoppers we know who also happened to be here this week.  It was an interesting idea, and while it was disappointing not to get a free ticket and room it did work well for us in that the participating silver shops were gathered in a single building, and had their newest designs on display.  We did walk around the exhibition and picked up cards from the companies we didn’t know and will probably go find some of them when we return in the Fall.

I have been coming to Taxco for 8 years now and still haven’t come close to meeting all the silversmiths in this city.  It is our goal to find two or three new vendors on each trip, but while there are literally hundreds of little “tiendas” all along the streets there aren’t that many who create jewelry that meets our quality and design standards.  Each new vendor represents hours of traipsing up and down the mountain, in and out of little shops, meeting the shopkeepers and looking around.  If there are things we like, we will buy a few things to test – we have to be sure their quality is good and the silver they use is pure.  We also want to see our customer’s reactions!  

Our product line is made up of roughly 50 different workshops that we buy from consistently.  We picked up lots of new designs from our current workers on this last trip, and found some pieces that we brought back to test.  We would also like to introduce a couple of new suppliers we are introducing to the family – we think you’ll love their designs and workmanship.   

By the Way – if you are interested in a shopping trip to Taxco, please let me know what you would like to see.   I would be happy to help you with travel arrangements and suggest hotels and restaurants that we love.    

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