Rainy Days in Taxco!

Posted: Jul 08 2014

Shelly and I flew in last Monday night for an excruciatingly short buying trip.  We normally try to come down in March and late September but had to change our plans this year.  The only dates we could manage were during the rainy season, so we packed our raincoats and umbrellas and headed to the airport. 

“Senor de las Aguas”  (Lord of the Waters) is the name given to the mountain that Taxco sits on.  It’s not hard to figure that one out when you watch the rivers of water cascading down the streets whenever it rains.   Taxco is built up very heavily, so all of the rainwater makes its way onto the cobblestone streets - starting at the top of the mountain, and then heads downhill very rapidly.  Add all the rain coming off the rooftops, and funneling in from all the side streets and within minutes the water can be ankle deep and coming down in waves!  

Now consider the poor VW Taxis trying to propel themselves UP the very steep and slippery streets on bald wheels.  It’s an afternoon’s entertainment for us all, which is good, because when the heavens open up we have learned to sit back and wait it out!

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